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Great Expectations: Being Single in 2018

A few months ago, I was sitting in church listening to the preacher, and he was doing a series about marriage, divorce, and being single in today's society.  Seeing how I am just such a pro at this whole marriage and divorce thing, I was like "this is what I need."  So I started attending the service specifically for this series.  He had so many good points about marriage, but then he said something that really touched my soul.  He said, and this is not a direct quote, that sometimes when we are single, we feel less worthy, because we are programmed by society to be in a relationship, but we should never feel that way.  Just because we are single does not make us any less worthy of His love.  I was moved to tears, because I will not lie, there have been days where I have felt less because I am a single.  He continued to say some people are called to a season of singlehood for different reasons, while others are called to a lifetime of singlehood.  A small part of me died…

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